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When you read my stories,
real or imagined,
may you discover a God who loves you.

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Golden Leaves

The God-Weaved Journey

What’s your story? Where is God in it?

Join me for a God-Weaved Journey

Combining scripture, journal prompts, and prayer, we will help each other see how God is working out our stories in the everyday circumstances of our lives.

Whether you’re a longtime Bible studier or can’t remember where you placed your Bible, whether you’re 14 or 104, this ongoing study is meant to help you find hope, peace, and strength. Each week, I will release a theme, a list of scripture options to read based on that theme, and some prompts to journal. At the end of the week, I will provide a devotional and prayer to share some thoughts from the week and encourage you in your faith. That’s it! Some simple, helpful truth in your inbox each week.

As we near the release date of my second novel (forthcoming in 2022!) the devotionals will be based on the novel’s themes, giving sneak peeks and excerpts to show how God was behind the scenes of the novel as well. 

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Sticks and Stones - eBook (1) Cover .jpg
Sticks and Stones - eBook (1) Cover .jpg

Sticks and Stones - Novel

Available for hard copy or ebook purchase online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target as well as available on digital retail and library platforms such as iBooks and Hoopla.

Sticks and Stones features 15-year-old Emily Greene, whose life changes dramatically when her mom is arrested.  Emily is forced to move to a new town with her grandmother, called Crazy Carol for her outspoken faith and quirky behavior. Emily is convinced her mom is innocent and that her mom’s fiancé, who has disappeared, is the one at fault for her mom’s arrest. Emily’s attempts to prove her mom’s innocence only lead to more questions about who her mom really is, where God is in all this, an unfortunate tragedy, and ultimately, answers she doesn’t expect.

Free Sample Bible Study

With activities to Pray, Write, Draw, Listen, and Move -

"God in Emily's Story, God in Our Stories" Can be read with or without the novel. Download includes sample for Ch. 1-4.

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Author News

 My companion Devotional Journal for Sticks and Stones, titled God Weaved, is available for purchase on Amazon!


This was a fun project to work on while I continue to write the prequel to Sticks and Stones, which is about Crazy Carol's life as a teen. 

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