Creativity, Writing, & Faith Groups

Separate Groups for Teens and Adults

Session 1 – 8 weeks – beginning in June - based on novel Sticks and Stones (purchase of book optional, not required)

Purpose:  A way to connect with each other, no matter where you live, in a Bible study related to literature and real life, along with writing and journal activities to inspire creativity and provide soul care.

Time commitment: We will meet online weekly for 45-60 minutes. Options for Bible study, writing, and creative activities to complete on your own also provided.

Read a Sample of a study connected to Chapter 1 of Sticks and Stones, themed When your world is turned upside down, where is God? by clicking the link below.

If interested, fill out the form in the Contact link above. Depending on who signs up and where we are all located, I will set days and times that work best for everyone. Let me know your preferences when you express interest in participating.

If you can't meet, but would still like to receive the Bible Studies to complete on your own, that is also an option you can request in the Contact form above.


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